Social Media Agency

Social Media Agency

Social Media Marketing has emerged as a popular means of advertisement. Before we understand the nuances of this vast subject, it is very important to know why we need it.

Well, the answer is, in this cut-throat competitive era, where only the best can survive.

By being best I do not mean that the company is just selling great quality products, but only handful of people know about it. Being the best also involves that it should be viral among large number of audiences. It should have a wide popularity and only then can it stand in this capital driven economy.

According to HubSpot, a leading American inbound company, 92% of marketers in 2014 have claimed that Social media was crucial for their business with 80% of them indicating that their constant effort increased the traffic to their websites. That gives a little idea of its importance, yeah?

So let us now understand what Social media Optimisation is! In simple language we can say that it the process of creating a buzz about something in the social media world like Twitter or Facebook. A more elaborate definition says that it is the process of increasing the website traffic or gaining the attention through social media sites.

Now you may ask what the benefits of it are. Using social networks for marketing in India at first saves a lot of energy. You do not have to go door to door for promoting you product. Secondly it increases you brand recognition. Today almost everyone is present on some or the other social media sites so eventually your message at one click can go to a large mass of audience making your product more popular.

Then it also improves your brand loyalty. A report of Texas Tech University revealed that, brands that are present on social networks have higher loyalty from their followers. It also increases you opportunity to make new customers by engaging in online chats with them. You can convert the customer and take him on your side by the art of words.

Increase in inbound traffic for the website goes without a say. Your branding services will enhance your presence on different search engines as more and more people would want to know about your brand through different search engines. You will have better search engine rankings and will also receive personal insights from the customer.

After knowing all this, you would surely like to know how it is done.

You can do it for yourself if it is for a small scale advertisement or take help from any social media agency. In simple the process involves at first creating your social media objectives and goals. This means what you want to gain from your ad campaign.

Next scrutinise your social media and type of audience existing in your social media site. If needed improve your social media account. Your next step is very crucial as it involves creating a unique and catchy content. Nobody wants to sore their eyes on a boring page online so go for a vibrant and attractive designing.

Susan Gunelius, President and CEO, Keyspalsh and a renowned author, speaker and a branding expert says that success of social networks greatly depends on more listening and less talking. Also you must apply the law of focus that says to specialise in one thing than trying to be the jack of all traits.

So keep all these points in mind and go ahead with your experiments with the world of wires where popularity is just a click away. A little effort and perseverance can yield you really sweet fruits. All the best!


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