Online Display Advertisement

Online Display Advertisement

The world of advertising is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Every company is busy racing for an optimum ad space to advertise their product. So, sooner one realises the significance of display advertising company in India, the better it is for digital growth.

Before getting into the details of display advertisements, first let us try to understand what is advertisement and why is it important. Dr. Philip Kotler, a famous marketing author from America has given the simplest definition of advertisement. He states it to be a paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

But why is it important? This is because it helps to attract the target audience. It informs the audience about the uniqueness and reliability of your product thus, encouraging your sales and popularity. There are different platforms to promote your product like newspaper, radio and television. However, the mode of being informed has remarkably shifted to internet after the computers went cheap in the market.

Users are getting more information through internet than from the TV or newspaper. This has made online advertisement go viral amongst the advertisers. Display advertising is basically a type of online advertising that is put up on websites using text, video, and image, flash or audio.

Prodigy Communications Corporation, a New York-based company, owned by IBM and Sears has been acknowledged for being the pioneer in display adverting. They were the first to create an online display advertisement to promote the products like clothing, footwear, cosmetics, house-wares, tools and etc. for Sears, a retail industry.

According to a leading financial daily, the industry of online advertising in India is expected to increase 30% in 2015. Presently, about 23% of the total online ad industry in India is contributed by display advertisements. Perhaps, you can now understand why online advertising has become a need of the hour!

Talking about the benefits of display advertising, there are many. Firstly, it completes your branding circle by adding internet to the pre-existing mediums like TV, newspaper or radio. It helps you reach large number of people which is not possible by the traditional medium alone.

Secondly, it saves you from the hassle of signing long term contracts asked by the advertising company and is cost-effective. It also helps you gain trust from your audience. You have feedback options that can help understand your user in a better way. You can get your ads promoted on relevant sites and increase your website traffic.

There are numerous display advertising companies in India which makes it a herculean task to choose the best of all. However, this particular company called Softtix simply won my heart. It was August 2013 when I was in a dire need of a company that could help increase the website traffic for my newly launched clothing business online.

My friend suggested me for this Delhi-based Company. Big thanks to my buddy for his suggestion. The company really did a great job and I am happy with their work. Though my personal suggestion would be to try this company, but it is you who have to decide at the end of the day. So be wise, be smart.


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