E-Mail Flyers

E-Mail Flyers

Initially, corporate companies used to paper flyers for advertising. It was effective, yet not sustainable. Mailbox stuffed with flyers or a flyer pasted on walls, we made sure to make them reach at every corner of the city or the town.

With almost no exact figure of how many people actually read them, the paper flyers have surely acted as an effective medium for spreading the information. However, the only thing which is constant in the world is the change. The popularity of the traditional flyer as a potential medium for advertising has come to an end. It is now the era of e-mail flyers in India.

E-mail flyers are basically the newsletters or flyers which are directly send to the customer both target and the prospect customer via e-mail. Most of the leading companies are now shifting from paper-flyers to the fast e-mail flyers services in the country. There are ample of reasons that support this shift.

First of all, it saves you from the hassle of hiring expensive designers and spending heavy printing charges. You just have to create an eye-catching online flyer and send it through e-mail marketing software directly to your customer’s inbox. Moreover, it takes less time to launch an e-mail campaign and also the creative designs of e-mail flyers are simply unbeatable.

Secondly, they help in extending the business messages, as they can go viral. I am talking about the ‘forward to friend’ option that furthers the spreading of the mail. With the traditional flyers, it is hard to say how many people actually read them and there is no forwarding of the message. Users find it easy to just click on the forward button thus, increasing the size of the potential customers.

The most praiseworthy benefit of e-mail-flyer is its eco-friendly nature. It is a wise idea to send out e-mail-flyers that produce zero waste rather than to killing lakhs of trees by printing paper flyers. We cannot ignore the fact that not all the paper-flyers are lucky enough to reach the recycling machine. It will cause both litter on roads as well as threat to Mother Nature.

If you are thinking that you will have to sit down and send e-mails to every customer one by one, you are wrong. Here comes the fourth advantage that says you can send e-mails to large number of at one click. The bulk e-mail campaign tool helps to send an e-mail to large number of people at once.

The e-mail marketing company in India also come with features where you can keep a track of your users. Yes, the fifth benefit talks about how you can at one click know exactly who is clicking on your website and to how many people has it been forwarded to. Isn’t it just great?

Undoubtedly e-mail flyers are the future of paper flyers and have multitude of added benefits. They are the simple and the best way to visually communicate with your customers. With this latest innovation you not only save your pocket but also protect your beautiful planet.


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