Web Design India

Web Design India

The field of website design in India has boomed especially in the past few years. Almost every company with online presence is busy making their website the most user-friendly and the catchy one.

But why? What is the need of it? Find your answers by first understanding what exactly a website is and how it works.

A web page is an electronically created document that can be accessed by World Wide Web or WWW. It uses Hyper Text Markup language. A website is basically a location on WWW that maintains several related web pages. It is hosted on at least on one web server and is accessed via internet. The address of the website is called its Uniform Resource Locator or URL.

Website development and designing is basically the process of creating a website for internet and maintaining it though used synonymous. But website development is very different from website designing. The former deals with the developing the website, ranging from a single page using plain texts which does not require much processing to complex internet applications.

In the website designing, one has to make the website operational, interactive, and easy-to understand. It is just like the make-up done to the website so that user can look at it and understand how it works. Your website speaks volume about your company and a good website gives an edge to your company.

Just like a good structured resume earns you a greater chance of getting selected for any job interview, a well-designed website helps you get that first call from your user. Profit is assured if the user likes the site and navigates for long through it. It is crucial to choose the right website designing service because your website reflects what you are. Isn’t it?

Softtix is one such efficient website designing company based in New Delhi. It’s a team of highly skilled designers and developers, known for their finesse and excellence. The company is known to deliver websites which are smooth in functioning, contain compact information and are technologically much more advanced than the others. It is also into brochure design and content management system.

The organisation understands that mobile-friendly softwares have become the need of the hour. Therefore, it also caters to mobile application development.

So, in short, a company with a poor website is like a garden without flowers, unpleasant to your eyes and to your senses. It might be possible that the company is good in delivering services but it would still be doubted for its credibility.

A good website should be catchy in appearance, requires minimal scrolling, good and error-free content, quality photographs, simple and meaningful graphics, fast loading pages, browser compatibility and effective use of keyword for the Search Engine Optimisation. Most important of all, it should be easy to download on mobiles and laptops.

So, do not take your online presence for granted.

A good and advanced website will automatically make your company popular among the audience. Also you wouldn’t want to see your company’s name in the list of top 10 worst websites created by different bloggers. Remember they have hawk’s eye and are in constant search of websites that can help make their blogs a hit.

Let’s change, for good!


We do what we do best- helping businesses with start-to-end IT solutions and online marketing to build, scale and deliver your brand. Our vast experience and enthusiastic team equip us to offer the best in writing, designing, developing and brand building. Whatever the domain and whatever the needs, our professional expertise ensures you receive nothing but services of optimum quality and value for money.

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