Blog Content Management

Blog Content Management

No matter how simple and easy you think blogging is, it is an art in itself. We all have heard that the famous quote that ‘Content is the King’ but then, what makes a blog different from the other.

So, here are few tips necessary for blog content management:

  1. Simple yet significant: Let us start from the very basic. Do not use difficult jargons or very technical language so that the reader is not able to understand. It is essential to construct a bonding with the reader, so that he comes back to your blog, again and again. Also, make sure that your posts are neatly differentiated. For example, the ‘post headers’ for travel related writing can be something interesting like ‘For the maverick in you.’
  2. Short and straight: If you would have noticed, several blog content management systems use very elegant, exquisite and fluid designs. It prevents the page from looking cluttered and hence, gets maximum attention and time from the reader. Make sure that every paragraph that you write does not exceed more than 3 lines. Heavy content does not sell.
  3. Hyperlink: Use important keywords in your blog content and hyperlink it with other posts in your own blog. It will make it easier for navigation and inter-linking. But then again, excess of anything is bad. So, do not inundate your post with just keywords that seem interfering with the main context.
  4. Brand yourself: Make sure that your name is always highlighted in your blog, for example, like by-lines in newspapers. It will make your name rank in the search engine results, thereby making your blog quite professional for the customers or even those who would in future hire you.
  5. Keep it Social Media Friendly: These days, social media has made it even easier to make blogs go viral. So make sure that you launch your blog well in this public domain. At the same time, make sure that whatever you write is not plagiarised and has originality. Only then it would be able to strike a chord.

In case, you find it very difficult, you can choose blog content services in India and complement it with your main website. In any case, these top five tips are really going to help you a lot.


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