Website Designing India

Website Designing India

Before getting into the details of website designing in India, just imagine this for moment. You have bought a mouth-watering & crunchy chocolate and want to know in depth about its manufacturers and its preparation. However, if you are really serious, then you might need to go to their head-office in person and meet them. Not a big problem unless you are enjoying your chocolate in India and the head-office is in Switzerland! Hard to imagine, yeah?

Here comes the role of websites and its designing nuances. We all know that websites are the online representation of any brand or company. It bestows easy access to the company and its great minds, sitting far away from us. In simple words, a website is a place on the world wide web that contains informations about a person or organisation.

Since they are an image building device of any company, it is very important for them to look good. Nobody likes to switch onto a cluttered and a text heavy site. Here enters the job of creating or designing the website. The concept of website designing company in India has developed over the years. They perform the task of designing HTML web pages to be displayed over theĀ  World Wide Web. Any web designing company has to perform several tasks like web programming, project management, content management.

For a person technologically challenged like me, it is important to keep the following factors in mind before ever we try to create or design any website:

Selecting the domain and a host : Successful domain names say so much with few words. In addition to being memorable, they also reflect the brand’s voice and are hard to be misspelled. So, designing companies make sure to select a great domain name and a host.

Clean design : It is very important to create a clean and appealing design. This is the ‘wow-factor’ of any website that catches attention. So give it your best shot.

Colour scheme : Colours affect the human mind. It should be selected according to the taste of the visitors of the website. Always remember different colours have the ability to evoke different emotions.

KISS : Keep it simple and straightforward. Sounds interesting, does not it?

Images : Websites look dull and boring without images. Make sure you do not make the website text-heavy and incorporate images that adhere to the copyright laws.

Practicality : While designing the website, always ask yourself the question if your website is functional in the literal sense? Are there any loading errors or any broken links? AssessĀ  your website’s features from the user’s point of view.

Navigation : No one likes to have trouble and confusion. If a website is entangling and difficult to navigate, your customers may leave and never return. Add a site map to improve your visitor’s ability to navigate your site easily.

Browser friendly : With the technology progressing each say, it is essential to keep your website updated and compatible with all the major browsers. Your website should be accessible with multiple browsers.

Social media connectivity : Social media is the best platform read, share and like. It provides a venue where your users can promote and talk about your website or your company. So why lose a chance for such a wide spread popularity.

Hope you now have a clearer idea of website designing. So, good luck and go ahead with your venture of designing a website.


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